The General Assembly of the FECBOP was held on 29/09/2023. During the speakers’ corner, the following presentations were held:

  • Bilan de compétences / Counselling for professional evolution : Support systems for just transitions. At the crossroads of issues of social justice and the evolution of organizations. Philippe Cottet, FN CIBC (FR)
  • Inplacement: mobility tool with a “win-win” and prevention/well-being at work perspective. Sharing of experience. Natacha Winners, LEA (BE)
  • The Bilan de Compétences through the prism of some work transformations. Emanuela Proietti, Roma Tre University (IT)

The General Assembly elected the following new members of the Bureau nominated by their national networks:

  • Philippe Cottet (FR)
  • Stefano Bogatto (IT)
  • Emanuela Proietti (IT)
  • Natacha Winners (IT)
  • Peter Kmeť (SK)
  • Tomáš Šprlák (SK)
  • Aleš Jelínek (CZ)
  • Luis Carro (ES)

The following members of the labelling committee were elected:

  • Elisabetta Donato
  • Peter Kmeť
  • Loredana Di Palma

The General Assembly also defined the objectives for the next period: reinforce the visibility on the European level, update the quality standard, reinforce contact between members and develop research projects. It also thanked Jacques Hofmans for his lifelong support and congratulated him for his retirement.