Since its creation in 1923, the Laboratoire d’Ergologie appliquée has always worked in the field of adult guidance. Attached to the time at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Belgium (Free University of Brussels), he was the first Belgian organisation to create a structure training guidance counsellor and was a pioneer in the field of industrial psychology and psychometrics. His research at that time found many applications in the industrial sector in Europe.

Today, the Laboratory practice the French methodology of bilan de compétences similar to the one provided by the French CIBCs, where they underwent a training in the 90s. Its participation in numerous European projects has allowed the Laboratoire to gain an important expertise in the field. The Laboratory has contributed to the study of quality in adult guidance, the development of a specific methodology for guidance in setting up new business… The Laboratoire d’Ergologie appliquée is a founding member of the FECBOP. It is the only Belgian structure to have the European Quality Label for bilan de compétences issued by the European Federation.


Its action on bilan de compétences is realized in four areas:

  • partnerships with the job centre of the Brussels Capital Region (Actiris): Bilan de compétences for job seekers over 45 and bilan de compétences for the preparation of a professional project
  • for individuals questioning their career or seeking a career reconversion
  • the staff of a business federation
  • outplacement for which the laboratory is accredited by the Department of Employment of the Brussels Capital Region.

In addition, it performs vocational consultations for young adults and many psychological tests as part of the selection process and recruitment of staff. With three psychologists, the Laboratory has made about a hundred bilan de compétences and guidance consultations in 2012. Its new short-term project is to provide Francophone structures practicing adult guidance a training in bilan de compétences labelled by the FECBOP.