The FECBOP provides official training for the provision of the bilan de compétences. The training is provided to professionals in career guidance who wish to develop their practice or specialize in the field of bilan de compétences. 


At the end of the learning process, the beneficiary of the training for the bilan de compétences councellor will achieve learning outcomes described in terms of knowledges, skills, competences equivalent to the EQF level 6. The training leads to a certificate of competence issued by the FECBOP to the counsellor after the assessment by the National Exam Committee (composed by national trainer and FECBOP members) and validation by the FECBOP Certification Committee.

compcert training EN

Selected admission criteria for the participants are:

  • 5 years of successful academic and leading to a diploma or
  • 3 years of successful study in higher education and leading to a diploma + 3 years of professional experience in the field of guidance or similar
  • Accepted level of unfinished higher education: if the 3 years study in higher education are not attested by a diploma: 5 years of professional experience in the field of guidance or similar.


The training is provided by a network of the FECBOP mandated trainers:



Jacques Hoffmans

Jennifer Vercauteren           

Laboratoire d’Ergologie Appliquée

Czechia Zuzana Freibergova Asociace bilanční diagnostiky
Germany Regina Hentschel Bildungsinstitut Pscherer
Italy Federica de Carlo Uniroma 3 – CRES

Maria Kubisova

Tomas Sprlak

K.A.B.A. Slovensko




Classification of the training into the European Qualification Framework (EQF) available for download (abstract here).


Curriculum is available here.